May 2013

Vincent and Arrado obtained a 7th place at the 'Gouden Laars' in Herselt.

Bertrand was at Flémalle with Cahsmir and Rubis. Cashmir won the 6 year old competition and Rubis won the 5 year competition - a great result !

April 2013

Betrand was in Jardy with What's Up and Rubis.
What's Up participated in his first St. Georges and scored 67 %.

Rubis qualified for Saumur, to be ridden in September.
Vincent paticipated in the Classic Tours Juniors at Gesves with Arrado and For ever and they were 5th ex aequo.

September 2013

At a very nice competition in Mons, early July, Vincent obtained a 5th place with Arrado in the 1*.

In Auvers all went very well.
For Ever obtained an 11th and a 7th place in Amateurs and then a very nice second place in the GP Am.

Arrado in the1*  had one fault the first day. The second day he came in 3rd and the last day he obtained a 6th place.

Newsitems 2015

Bertrand and Star Wars participated in the CDIO of the Vidauban Dressage Festival.

During the first week  the FEI Nations Cup was ridden.

In the GP CDIO Bertrand was 5th with 69,040 %

in the GPS CDIO Bertrand obtained a 3rd place with 71,333 %

These great results helped the French team to a very nice 2nd place in the FEI Nations Cup;

On the program of the second week there was a CDI 5*, in the GP Bertrand was 4th with 69,760 % and in the  Freestyle he was 5th with 71,950 %

Bertrand became senior champion of the LEWB with Cashmir this year and during the criterium LEWB he was 3rd with Chaîna.

The Challenge LEWB was also won by Bertrand riding Cashmir.
Vincent had a very nice year and participated in a lot of very nice competitions such as Longines Global Champions Tour Antwerpen, Mons Ghlin, Fontainebleau,
Deauville,   Stephex Masters Bruxelles, Oliva Valencia  and to end the year in beauty the fantastic Longines Masters Paris .
For Ever van de Helle and Vincent win their class in Oliva,
Cowboy du Toultia Z obtains a second place.

Newsitems 2016

Bertrand and Rubis participated for the first time in a S4 test and were rewarded with a 4th place.

The first foal of Oranie is born : a very handsome stallion.
Mother is Oranie des Etisses (Quidam de Revel) and father Jilbert van 't Ruytershof (Numero Uno)

Vincent participated in the Antwerpen Longines Global Champions Tour.
He obtained a 6th and 7th place with For Ever and Winning Star did very well too. 

Bertrand and Star Wars start off at Rosière aux Salines where Bertrand wins the Pro Elite G.P
At Deauville CDI 3* they are 4th in the GP and in the GP Special they obtain a second place.

In september they head off for Mallorca for a two magnificent weeks of competition.
First week CDI 4*, Bertrand wins the G.P Special
Second week they enter in the CDI 5* and Bertrand wins the GP in a most brilliant way. The next day he is second due to a minor error.

Then they head back for home in order to get ready for the CDI 4* in Genève. Bertrand obtains a 5th place in the G.P and a nice 6th place in the Kur.
Newsitems 2017

Vincent participates in Olivia during the months of february and march.
Next to several nice placements he wins the Silver 130 with Winning Star (Winny). That day Cowboy is also in great shape and wins the 140 test.

Bertrand starts off the season at the Haras de Jardy.
In the Pro Elite Grand Prix they are 3rd and in the Pro Elite Libre they obtain a nice second place.

Chaïna gave birth to a magnificent little stallion - father  Totilas can be proud of his son !  For Chaïna this is a first foal.

Star Wars adores boat travel so Bertrand entered for the magnificent Royal Windsor Horse Show, a 4* event. In the GP they were 7th and in the GP Freestyle 6th.

At Rosères au Salines Bertrand obtained a  1st place in the GP and he also won the  Grand National de dressage.